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Ibiza and Ibiloft are OPEN from July

We are implementing the new cleaning guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Wir setzen die neuen Reinigungsrichtlinien zur Verhinderung der Ausbreitung von COVID-19 um.

ibiloft - the perfect place to experience ibiza

The rest of the content of this page is not publicly accessible. If you do not have the necessary password, please ask about your friends or contact us via email (info@ibiloft.com). 


Die weiteren Inhalte dieser Seite sind nicht öffentlich zugänglich. Sollte Euch das notwendige Passwort nicht vorliegen, fragt es über Eure Freunde oder bei uns via E-Mail (info@ibiloft.com) an. 



We hope to see you in Ibiza soon - stay healthy.


ibiloft - bar

During the lockdown, we opened a virtual bar - you can still join us there for a drink:

The Bar is 100% free, there is no need to download sth., up to 12 nice people - unfortunately you have to take care for your drinks by yourself.